A Return to Education

After much deliberation, I  made the decision to study for my PGCE ( teaching qualification).

With a year’s teaching under my belt, I am now in the position to say, that I enjoy it, am passionate about it, and want to continue down this career path.  That is not to say that I am abandoning my professional practice, as this is where my true passions lie.  But if this financial instability has taught me one lesson, is that you should diversify, be a master of a number of trades for relying on the world of construction, architecture, design, art etc; is simply not enough.

So I have now started the two years of hard(er) graft to gain that all important qualified teacher status begins but the last time I was in higher education was 11 years ago.  My life is somewhat different now.  I am older, wiser, responsible for two children, one husband, a cat, a mortgage and a design consultancy.  But hey-ho, others have done it and triumphed and I hope to do the same . . and report back!!!

About spatialdesigner

Interior Architectural Designer with over 15 years experience in the Industry. Providing Interiors to the Commercial and Leisure industries. Also lectures in Interior Design and Interior Architecture.
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1 Response to A Return to Education

  1. Paolo says:

    Hey Penny, good to hear your thoughts, it is indeed better to have a few strings to the bow, a career portfolio is an interesting thing. The two years will fly by as your busy with so many things. Good luck and enjoy!

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